My Flash Fiction Story "Laugh" Featured in "Punk Noir Magazine"

Are you ready to smile? My flash fiction story LAUGH just went live in the awesome Punk Noir Magazine!  Many thanks to the amazing editor, B.F. Jones, for liking this quirky little story of mine and for giving it such a fabulous home.  Don't you love the illustration she chose for it? Just perfect! Happy reading! laugh by laura stamps – Punk Noir Magazine (  

Flash Fiction Acceptances in January and February 2022

These flash fiction stories have been accepted for publication in the following literary journals, magazines, and anthologies: What You Don't Know  will appear in the February 2022 issue of SPREAD   Laugh  will appear in the January 2022 issue of Punk Noir Magazine  

My Flash Fiction Story "What's Wrong With This Picture?" Featured in "Spillwords"

Have you had your first laugh of the day? If not, here it is! My wacky flash fiction story WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? just went live in the awesome literary magazine Spillwords. Many thanks to Dagmara and the editorial team for giving my crazy little story about an Etsy addict such a great home. And don't you love the illustration they used? Perfect! Enjoy and Happy New Year!  

My Flash Fiction Story "Attachments" Featured in "The Rye Whiskey Review"

Christmas came early at my house today! My flash fiction story ATTACHMENTS just went live in The Rye Whiskey Review .  Many thanks to the wonderful EIC, John, for liking this story. I'm thrilled to be in a literary magazine I have enjoyed reading ever since I heard about it months ago in one of my writer's groups at Facebook. And I must admit this is one of my favorite stories. Very empowering. I hope you enjoy it too! The Rye Whiskey Review : ATTACHMENTS By Laura Stamps (

My Flash Fiction Story "Joy" Featured in "Flash Fiction North"

What fun! My wacky flash fiction story JOY just appeared in the wonderful UK literary magazine Flash Fiction North . Many thanks to the very kind editor, John. What a nice guy! Thank you for giving this story such a good home. Okay, have you ever considered the link between bug bites, suffering, and Buddhism? No? Really? Well, the character in this story has. And I think you'll like her conclusion. lol!!  The link below is to my story on the site. However, this link is for all the stories in the "Recent Fiction" section. At some point this story won't be recent anymore, and since it doesn't have its own link, I'm also going to post it below for when that time comes.  Happy reading!  Flash Fiction North Recent Fiction   JOY Alison pulls into Walmart, parks her car, and reaches under her shirt to scratch her bellybutton. It itches. Like fire. This morning, while she was running the five-mile track at the college, the one she runs every morning, her stomach sta

My Flash Fiction Story "Tote Bags" Featured in "Selcouth Station Press"

It's always an honor to appear in the UK literary magazine, Selcouth Station Press . So I was thrilled to discover this morning that my empowering flash fiction story TOTE BAGS is now live in this wonderful publication!  Okay, I know we all have a stash of tote bags at home. Well, here's a new use for them. lol!! Enjoy!! Flash Fiction: "Tote Bags" by Laura Stamps (

My Flash Fiction Stories "Monk," "A Slice of Pizza," and "Do What You Love" Featured in "Roi Faineant Press"

Oh, do I have a treat for you today!!  My flash fiction stories MONK, A SLICE OF PIZZA, and DO WHAT YOU LOVE just went live in the November issue of Roi Faineant Press . I loved writing all of these, especially MONK, which is one of my favs. I hope you enjoy them too.  Happy reading! "Monk", "A Slice of Pizza", and "Do What You Love" by Laura Stamps (